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Crop Insurance Education

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture has executed the cooperative agreement for the Targeted States Crop Insurance Education grant, under the Agricultural Risk Protection Act of 2000. This grant is designed to increase the participation and awareness of different types of risk management programs available to Pennsylvania farmers, specifically, crop insurance.

Pennsylvania has enjoyed the tremendous benefit of having solid support for its Risk Management program. This level of support has helped enormously in creating synergy with other agencies and agricultural organizations to inform and enlighten producers about risk management tools.  Support from the Secretary of Agriculture continues to provide credibility to the department's risk management and crop insurance education activities. PDA hopes to build on its recent historic crop insurance educational activities with new and innovative ideas to complement what has worked well in past years. This public support has been, and remains, vital to our ability to put crop insurance on the agenda not only at meetings and events we sponsor, but also at conferences and meetings sponsored by many of our commodity groups. Crop insurance is a high priority of the department which endorses, promotes and recommends crop insurance as an important risk management tool essential to keeping agriculture viable in Pennsylvania. 

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture works in close cooperation with the Pennsylvania State University and substantial involvement from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Risk Management Agency. Together, we are forging an in-state risk management education team.  The team has instant credibility with producers making the crop insurance training more effective.  We are gradually institutionalizing risk management education into the cultures of our agricultural organizations. Having Penn State involved with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture is vital to its success. In addition to exceptional agricultural economist, the Cooperative Extension Service in every county provides producers current information and tools needed to make timely informed crop insurance decisions. Crop insurance presentations are part of the agenda at Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and Penn State farmer meetings throughout the state.  This makes crop insurance part of the overall production, financial, and marketing training that producers receive and helps them to make comprehensive risk management decisions.

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