Tom Wolf, GovernorRussell Redding, Secretary
Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture

Amusement Rides

Each year, millions of people visit Pennsylvania's more than 700 registered amusement operations. Pennsylvania's nation-leading amusement ride safety program is designed to ensure that all rides in the state meet stringent safety requirements. 

All amusement companies are required to register their company and equipment with the Bureau annually.  Equipment is only allowed to operate if it has been reviewed and recommended approved by the Advisory Board, which is made up of a panel of experts, concerned citizens, and one certified engineer. Once they are registered, they are required to keep the Bureau updated of any activity, including the required ride and attraction inspections. 

A training, testing and certification program ensures that hundreds of amusement ride operators statewide receive safety training similar to the training, which only a handful of government employees receive in other jurisdictions. It is very important to note that state government successfully partners with the ride industry to provide an extensive safety inspection experience. The commonwealth employs quality assurance inspectors to ensure the creditability of the primary inspection by unannounced inspections.

The Department of Agriculture has inspected and registered amusement rides under the Amusement Ride Safety Act since 1984 and regularly participates in education and outreach seminars that include classes and hands-on demonstrations.


Access the Amusement Rides Inspection System.


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