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Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture

Pesticide Hypersensitivity Registry

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture maintains a list of hypersensitive individuals who requested to have their home, place of employment, school (if a student), and vacation home placed in the Registry.  The Registry is distributed to all commercial and public pesticide businesses 4 times per year.  The pesticide application businesses are required to notify any person in the most recent registry if they will be making an application to an attached structure or an outdoor above ground pesticide application within 500 feet of any listed location. The notification may be made by speaking to an adult through personal contact, by telephone contact, leaving a message on an answering device, by certified mail, by posting a notice on the front door at the listed location or speaking to an adult at the alternate phone number listed in the Registry.

The business must provide their: business name, address, telephone number, the pesticide brand name and common name (if available), EPA Registration number of the pesticide, the location of the application and the proposed date and time of the application.  The proposed application time may not exceed a 24-hour period.  A listing in the Registry does not prevent the pesticide application from being made.

Having a Listing Added to the Hypersensitivity Registry: Complete the Registry of Pesticide Hypersensitive Individuals Application available online or it can be obtained through your local pesticide businesses, or by contacting any PA Department of Agriculture Regional Office.  Individuals will be required to make arrangements with someone to be your alternate contact point; this person must be willing to receive calls when applicators cannot contact you directly and forward the information on to you.  Complete the application using your legal address as your primary residence, daytime, nighttime and alternate telephone numbers.  You must complete all required blocks or the application will be returned.

See your Pennsylvania licensed physician to have Part II of the form completed and signed.   Review your application for completeness and return it to:

PA Department of Agriculture
Bureau of Plant Industry
2301 N. Cameron St.
Harrisburg, PA  17110-9408.

Publication and Online Posting: Because the Registry is a public document, the information you provide is considered public information.  By submitting the application for publication you are granting the Department the right to publish your information in printed form and have it posted to the Department's access controlled, PaPlants website.

Pesticide Program:  General number/ Receptionist/ Operator:  717-772-5231


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